Convert Folders to Events

Events are one of the main building blocks in Aspect. Since you probably have already photos organized in folders on your harddisk Aspect provides a feature to convert those folders directly into events.

There are two different interfaces for converting folders to events. You can convert a single folder to an event or you can select your photo library and batch convert multiple folders to multiple events.

Opening the import dialog

  1. File browser
  2. List of thumbnails
  3. Import button

Converting a folder to an event there are two possibilities:

Converting a single Folder

  1. List of thumbnails
  2. Source folder
  3. Organize option
  4. Start import

The Convert to Folder dialog provides the following options to control how the selected folder will be turned into an event:

Start the import process by clicking Add to Library button ❹.

Converting multiple Folders at once

In case you want to convert multiple folders to events there is this special import dialog for it.

  1. List of possible folders
  2. Imported event names
  3. Identify events automatically
  4. Organize option
  5. Start import

Start the import process by clicking Add to Library button ❹.