Photo Organization Redefined

For twenty years we have been using star ratings and color labels to
organize our photos. We think it’s time for something better.

Built-in Synchronization

Your Photos on all of your Devices

Today’s cameras are producing hi-res imagery that is not necessarily well suited to be uploaded in full resolution to the cloud, with RAW files ranging from 20MB up to over 200MB and videos that can take up many gigabytes of space.

But just because we use high quality equipment doesn’t mean that we cannot have a good multi-device experience. Our peer-to-peer synchronization technology keeps your library accessible on all devices, without having to rely on cloud storage.

Let’s call the Things by their Name

Going further with Collections

Aspect’s collections combine the best of albums, tags, color labels, star ratings and folder hierarchies into a single clear concept. They are blazingly fast to use, have smart preview modes to show contained photos, and are readily accessible from every context.

And since they have a name, in contrast to ratings or color labels, their meaning is always clear.

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Stream and Structure

An Organization System for Everyone

Organization always starts with the question of how to separate photos into coherent sets. Whether you like to arrange your photos into events/shootings/projects or rather prefer a loose flow of images ordered by date, Aspect supports both of those schemes, both at the same time.

The same structure will be created and maintained on your file system as well, so that you are free to choose how to browse through your photo library.

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Access your Library directly from the File System

The organization of your photos within Aspect is mirrored to the file system on your computer, and changes you make within the file system will be recognized and incorporated by Aspect, respectively.

We don’t want to create an opaque database where all of your work is trapped. Aspect is open and transparent.

No subscription, no cloud

Your Software. Your Photos.

We believe photo archives should be independent of a storage subscription plan. You should always be able to access your precious photos, independent of monthly payments or potentially limited service offers.

Also, you should always retain the full rights to your photos – cloud companies should not use and analyze them for their own profit or invade your privacy.

About Us

Nik Software colleagues have met again

We are a bunch of folks from Nik Software with a lot of ideas how photo organization could be made better. The existing stars and color labels just seemed antiquated, so we spent four years building a photo organization software that we actually want to use.

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