Photo Organization Redefined

For twenty years we have been using star ratings and color labels to
organize our photos. We think it’s time for something better.

Sneak Peek: New Collections

Let’s call the things by their names

Collections combine the best of albums, tags, color labels and star ratings into a single clear concept. They are blazingly fast to use, have smart preview modes to show which photos they contain and are always directly accessible from every context ‒ while always telling you their purpose literally.

Stream and Structure

An organization system for everyone

Organization always starts with the question of how to separate photos into coherent sets. Whether you like to arrange your photos into events/shootings/projects or rather prefer a loose flow of images ordered by date, Aspect supports both of those schemes, both at the same time.

The same structure will be created and maintained on your file system as well, so that you are free to choose how to browse through your photo library.

Our Principles

A New Organization Paradigm

We created a photo organization system that is simple, yet powerful. Our collections can be used as tags, as simple task buckets or as even temporary flags for culling procedures. In contrast to color labels or star ratings, our collections have names, which makes their meaning immediately recognizable, even when you return to a set of photos after a long time.

No Subscription Required

We believe photo archives should not be attached to a storage subscription plan. You should always be able to access your precious photos, independent of any payment plan or potentially limited service offer.


The organization of your photos within Aspect is mirrored to the file system on your computer, and changes you make within the file system will be recognized and incorporated by Aspect, respectively.

We don’t want to create an opaque database where all of your work is trapped. Aspect is open and transparent.

Sync Without the Cloud

Our 50MP cameras are producing hi-res imagery that is not necessarily well suited to be uploaded in full resolution to the cloud.

Just because we use high quality equipment does not mean that we can not have a good syncing experience.

About Us

Nik Software colleagues have met again

We are a bunch of folks from Nik Software who were not happy to see that there seems to be no innovation in organizing photos. Stars or color labels seem just so antiquated. We spend two years building the photo organization software that we want to use.

We would like to share it with everybody. Stay tuned.

Questions? Let’s get in touch.