Photo Stream

You decide how things get stored

Photos can be stored in events or stay loose, depending on your preference and use case.

Individual Photos

Similar to the camera roll on your mobile phone, new photos appear directly in the photo stream. Read more

2020/Individual Photos
2021/Individual Photos


Related photos can be grouped into events that correspond to folders in the file system. Read more

2021/Trip with Jacob
2021/Hamburger Kunsthalle
2020/Palm Desert

Individual Photos

Photos incoming. Not every shot needs to be in an event.

Think of it as an Inbox

Whenever new photos get imported into the library, they appear as individual photos in the photo stream. From here you can organize related photos into events or just keep them as individual.

Certain kinds of photos – a photo of a note or a quick inspirational photo taken on the way to work – and certain kinds of photographic workflows are less suited to be stored in events, so the photo stream is the perfect place for them.

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Folders have never looked better

Sets of photos that belong to the same time, place or topic, such as photo shoots or trips, can be grouped into events. Events can be found easily through the navigation pane on the left and have a unique appearance that makes them stand out from other photos.

Cover Image
Collection Bar

Cover Image

Customize the cover image of each event. They give the event a unique look and make it easy to recognize in the photo stream.


Photos are grouped into paragraphs, so that large sets of photos can be easily navigated. By default, photos are grouped by day.

You set the Rules

Aspect keeps your file system organized

Define how Photos are stored in Folders

You can choose from predefined schemes or use a custom pattern to determine how events and individual photos are organized within your library folder hierarchy.

Aspect will automatically keep the file system consistent with changes you make within the application – and vice-versa.

See only what's important to your Task

Based on your task, both views can be essential. Aspect lets you choose.

All Files

Everything within the folder

The “all files” view mode shows the whole folder content, including any data files or files hidden from the workspace. This is similar to Finder/Explorer, but directly integrated.


Your selection - your visual workspace

The workspace contains only photos and videos and lets you concentrate on the visual content that you work with. Photos can be individually hidden from the workspace to let you concentrate on the ones that matter.

Use them the way that fits You best

There are a thousand ways to organize. Aspect offers you the flexibility you need.


Use both for organization, photo stream and events. Put sets of photos in events, while leaving unrelated photos in the photo stream.

The typical scenario for this are private photos, where mobile phone snapshots and non-photographic images might be mixed with dedicated photo trips.

Events only

Using the photo stream only as an "inbox", all images are eventually moved to events. The fact that the photo stream represents events by their cover images makes it easy to spot images that still need to be organized.

Photo Stream only

Some usage scenarios do not fit well within the idea of events. In this case, it can make sense to leave all photos in the photo stream and use collections instead of events to define a custom hierarchy as the primary organization structure.