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Sönke Ludwig • Mon, 18 Sep 2023

Intelligent import of special memory card directories · Aspect Preview 29

Everyone who is remotely into digital photography has seen the DCIM folder that typically resides on every memory card that comes out of a camera. In addition to this basic standardized location for storing photos, there are also some alternative locations when it comes to video.

This release is now able to recognize DCIM folders, as well as AVCHD and XAVC folders. For DCIM folders, images (and videos) are imported as normal, except that they will also be placed directly into the target folder, ignoring any nested folders that they are in.

XAVC directories, as used by Sony cameras, in addition to MP4 video files, also contain additional metadata. During import, this metadata will now be converted to XMP and get stored as a sidecar file together with the imported video.

Finally, for AVCHD directories, used by Sony as well, but also by Panasonic, Canon and others, only the video files will be imported, ignoring any thumbnail images or database files. Unfortunately, there is no usable metadata in this case. There may be image files with metadata that correspond to each video file, but there is no unambiguous connection between the two, so we currently do not make an effort to extract metadata.

In general, it is recommended to use an alternative recording format, such as QuickTime, as those will result in individual video files in the DCIM folder hierarchy with the usual naming scheme. But in case you did shoot XAVC/AVCHD, you will now at least get a meaningful import result.

Working towards an iOS app

Although mostly invisible, we've made substantial progress towards an upcoming iOS app. Apart from a new Metal renderer, which can also be enabled as an experimental feature in the desktop version, we implemented the logic necessary to integrate photos from the phone's photo library into an Aspect library. This way, the desktop version of Aspect will be able to access the photos from your iPhone seamlessly.

This process only works in one direction, reading from the Photos library and integrating them into the Aspect library. Changes and photos in the Aspect library will, however, not be visible in the Photos library.

As usual, there are a number of additional bug fixes and improvements. See the change log for the details and downloads: Version 1.0.0-preview.29

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