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Sönke Ludwig • Sat, 06 Apr 2024

Working on Quality · Aspect Preview 37

This is a quick release focusing on fixing issues reported after the release of preview 36. It addresses almost all reported issues, apart from one that still needs more diagnostic information to get it diagnosed — information that this release also aims to collect.

On top of the bug fixes, there are also some considerable performance improvements for handling large PSD/PSB files. Larger PSD files than before can now be displayed and the performance of displaying those images scaled down to screen or thumbnail size, as well as loading individual tiles in the 100% zoom view is much better. Memory consumption during the load process is still higher that it should be, so this is still a target for later improvements.

Another place for performance improvements is loading libraries with a particularly large number of images. The previous releases exhibited a rather lengthy hang of the UI before finally displaying the photo stream with all of its images. This release heavily reduces the time required to display the photo stream and also keeps the UI more responsive during the loading process.

Finally, a detail that is easy to miss is that the description metadata field now supports entering multi-line text, so that it can be used for entering larger descriptions. Since the narrow metadata pane is generally not ideally suited for such texts, this will probably be extended to provide a larger popup text editor on demand in a later release.

As usual, see the change log for the full list of changes.

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