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The Beta Program’s goal is to collect feedback for the current beta version in order to improve the application.

Become a Beta Tester

Apply for a beta key now and help us finish the product.

We are starting to open up the development of the application and provide a limited open beta program.

Once you get granted beta access, you will receive a license and download instructions for the beta releases. You can then try out the application and provide feedback about issues or ideas that will get incorporated into the final version.

Beta licenses are given out in limited quantities, in a come-first-serve-first fashion.


Support Us and Get the Full Version

Save 56% of the final price

We have developed Aspect, and everything around it, in a fully self funded way so far. But to let the project become a sustained success, we now need to raise money for marketing purposes and for more manpower.

Since our primary goal has always been to build the best possible product for its users, and not getting influenced by conflicting investor goals, we'd like to go a different route and ask our future customers to help us with this endeavor.

In exchange, instead of just joining our beta program, you get the opportunity to reserve a full license, including one year of upgrades after the final release, for a heavily reduced price. The price will increase each month, before we finally reach our release date. By buying this version now, you allow us to spread the word and to speed up the development to ensure that the project will become a success.

May 2021
Final Release