Auto Import

The quickest and easiest way to import your photos into Aspect is to set-up an Auto Import. Auto Imports are helpful for memory cards or special folders on your file system. For example if you have a set of memory cards you continually use, set up an auto import for those. Whenever you are done with shooting photos simply insert the card into your card reader/computer and Aspect will automatically import all photos into your photostream. The import will follow the rules you setup in your auto import thus no interaction is required. Another situation where an auto import is helpful is if you are shooting in a wireless environment in most cases a folder is the target where all wireless shot photos arrive. This folder can be set up as an Auto Import source. Whenever you fire the shutter of your camera the photos will automatically be added to your photostream.


To manage your auto imports you can go into Aspects preferences to to see/edit/delete your Auto Imports.

Opening the import dialog

  1. File browser
  2. List of thumbnails
  3. Import button

To set up an auto import you need to open the Import photos from current folder dialog. There are two ways to do this:

Configuring the import

  1. Auto import switch
  2. Import options
  3. Dialog buttons

The import dialog provides the following options to control how and which files get transferred into the library:

To turn on auto import click the Activate auto import button ❸.