An event is a time related grouping of photos and one of the main organizing blocks of Aspect. Vacations, weekend trips, photo shootings and photowalks are all examples for possible events. An event consists out of a cover photo a list of associated collections and all the photos that have been added to it.

An event is the source of a photo meaning that a photo can only be in one event. Try to think of an event as being a folder on your file system. A file can only be in one place and this is also true with events. In fact Aspect is doing exactly that for you: For every event you create Aspect will create a folder. Everything you do in Aspect is reflected in your file system. You can browse into your library folder and see for every event in Aspect a folder with the same name in your filesystem.

Your event can also contain subfolders. Aspect can display subfolders in your filesystem as paragraphs in the main UI.

  1. List of events
  2. Event cover
  3. Collection Bar
  4. Set of event images