Why is my device not listed?

Once you have installed Aspect Sync on your Android phone, and the phone is within reach of the computer, you should be able to see it and establish a connection. If you do not see your phone listed, please make sure the following prerequisites are met.

Aspect requires both devices to be in the same local network. If you connect via WiFi, make sure that both, the mobile phone and the computer, are connected to the same network (with the same name/SSID). If the computer is instead connected to a wired network, then the WiFi access point needs to be connected to the same wired network.

If there are still connection issues, make sure that your computer does not have a firewall that prevents the phone from communicating with it:

If firewall access on the computer is granted and you still don't see the mobile phone, there might be a firewall active on your phone. Please consult your phone manufacturer if you are unsure about this.

Finally, sometimes the default device name may not be something you recognize. You can see and change this name in the Bluetooth settings of your phone. In doubt, you can also safely send a pairing request to a device that you don't recognize, if your phone doesn't react, simply close the pairing dialog.