Set the Cover Image

Photos are not just files and data photos are most importantly memories. One of Aspect design principles is to honor the photographers work and create a user interface that steps back and let the photos shine. An event cover image is a major ingredient to this user experience. Additionally the cover image is also a helpful identifier when you try to find an event while scrolling the photo stream.

  1. Cover image
  2. Selected image for the cover

When an event is created Aspect picks one random image within that event that will become the cover image. It is recommended to change that to a photo that is exemplary for the event. There are three ways to change your cover image:


The easiest way to change the current cover image is to select a new image and drag it onto the cover image. This will swap the image.

Context Menu

Select the desired cover image and open the context menu by hitting the right mouse button and select Set as key image.

Application Menu

Select the image you would like to set as your cover image and than


Aspect will analyze the color scheme of your cover image and adjust font colors for best readability